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We moved in just over a year ago now and have recently updated the house, but despite all the beautiful interior changes we made we were surprised that the finishing touches actually came via an amazing Scottsdale carpet cleaning company. 

The house needed a massive overhaul from the old fashioned style which the previous owner had preferred, so we painted the walls, bought new lighting, fixtures and fittings and even went for all new furniture including kitchen cabinet doors to give the kitchen a brand new look! It was a massive undertaking and in total took over three months to complete, but this is our first time buying a home together so we wanted to really make it our own.

The carpet hadn’t looked too bad before we got started so we had decided to leave it as it was even though it was a little worn in places.  We thought that with everything else being fresh and new the last thing anyone would notice was the floor – but we were wrong about that.

Refreshed But Still Faded

In fact, once all the decoration work had been done and the new soft furnishings had been put in place it only enhanced how dire the carpets were, despite new rugs covering the worst areas!  In fact, even the tiling in the kitchen looked old fashioned and grimy next to the shiny new white cabinet doors, despite doing two DIY deep cleans.

We were so dismayed at the overall look.  It was not what we had envisaged at all but when we began adding up how much it would cost for new carpets throughout we knew it was simply not an option after we had spent the majority of our savings on everything else.

The evening we had some friends over to celebrate was the night we were told about looking for a Scottsdale carpet cleaning company rather than paying out for brand new carpets.  We researched online and found a couple of people to give us a quote but Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning gave us a great quote, and a brilliant service.  Their pre-inspection was very thorough, and they were extremely polite and professional yet friendly and we felt comfortable to have them in our home and could feel that they would take care when working around our new furniture.

Brilliant Benefits

Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning assured us that they would move everything out of the way before they got to work and cover anything which required it.  They said they would even repair the carpet where it was more worn out which was a brilliant and unexpected bonus, and their tile and grout cleaning service literally transformed the look of the kitchen floor in a way that a Do It Yourself job never could.  The tiles looked freshly laid!  It was unbelievable.

Being able to keep the old carpets saved us an absolute fortune and the floor is no longer a terrible eye sore, overshadowing the look of our lovely new furniture and freshly painted walls all thanks to Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning.

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