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A major new extension meant we couldn’t afford new flooring, but the brilliant, local Scottsdale floor care services from ‘Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning’ came to the rescue!

Ever since we moved to the area several years ago, we had been thinking about adding some extra rooms to the house.  This year we finally committed to having our longed for and much-needed extension and it was brilliant to finally have the space we required, but the brand new tile flooring in the extension made it very apparent that the flooring in the rest of the house had seen better days and was in need of a major overhaul.

New Rooms, Old Floors

After spending a huge chunk of our savings on the extension, we knew that new tiles would be out of the question due to the expense, but after chatting with a few friends and family members, we were put on to the idea of booking in some Scottsdale floor care services and having them all professionally cleaned instead.

We decided that using some well respected and local Scottsdale floor care services would be our ideal kind of company to use.  We prefer to shop local and go with recommended services when we can, and certainly for this kind of major work we needed the right people who would be able to offer us the look of new floors but at a fraction of the cost of redoing them all!

Aside from the bedrooms which have carpets, all the rooms are tiled so we needed a company which offered both services, as even the carpets looked grey and tired from all the dust from the building work.

Finding Our Ideal Scottsdale Floor Care Services

We began our search for some Scottsdale floor care services, asking neighbours and friends as well as looking for recommendations on local social media pages.  We were recommended a floor care company called “Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning” and we got in touch.

They came over to assess our floors and offer a pre-inspection so that we knew what services would be best for us.

We were impressed that they would move the furniture for us and that the job would only take a matter of hours.  We looked at some of their before and after photos and couldn’t believe the difference in the tile grouting so we decided to go ahead with their professional and local Scottsdale floor care services.

A Major Overhaul

The tiling looked wonderful once it had been done and the difference between the new tiles in the extension and the old tiles in the rest of the house was barely visible.  It saved us a small fortune which we really could not have afforded to spend at this time, so we were so grateful for the care and effort the company put in.

They even used carpets protectorant in the bedrooms to help them last longer and stay cleaner in the long run, again saving us money and giving us peace of mind, which was a brilliant addition to the job!

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