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We moved in just over a year ago now and have recently updated the house, but despite all the beautiful interior changes we made we were surprised that the finishing touches actually came via an amazing Scottsdale carpet cleaning company.  The house needed a massive overhaul from the old fashioned style which the previous owner had preferred, so we painted the walls, bought new lighting, fixtures and fittings and even went for all new furniture
Carpet Cleaning | Scottsdale Carpet & Tile Cleaning, INC.
A major new extension meant we couldn’t afford new flooring, but the brilliant, local Scottsdale floor care services from ‘Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning’ came to the rescue! Ever since we moved to the area several years ago, we had been thinking about adding some extra rooms to the house.  This year we finally committed to having our longed for and much-needed extension and it was brilliant to finally have the space we required, but
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Starting a four-room Bed and Breakfast business on a budget in Arizona was tough, but the Scottsdale carpet cleaning and floor care services from ‘Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning’ brought the whole project in under budget! The building itself had been used for similar purposes for many years but it had stood empty for a long while before we bought it and gave it a new lease of life. Starting Afresh The whole place was
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When it came to selling our home, a Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning company truly came to our rescue and we couldn’t be happier! Desperate To Sell We had been looking to sell our house for nearly a year and yet despite hiring a realtor to put it on the market we had failed to get a single potential buyer. It was getting to the point where we really needed to upgrade and upsize. With another baby
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10 Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Experts   Cleaning carpets is not easy. Most of the time you need to take extremely meticulous technique to dodge other issues, or just to stay away from the warranty of the carpet placed in your home. That being said, some expert help is constantly awesome for your home. We have confidence in bringing everybody the best carpet cleaning in Arizona we can. Along these lines, while having the