Amazing’ Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning Company Saves The Day!

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When it came to selling our home, a Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning company truly came to our rescue and we couldn’t be happier!

Desperate To Sell

We had been looking to sell our house for nearly a year and yet despite hiring a realtor to put it on the market we had failed to get a single potential buyer.

It was getting to the point where we really needed to upgrade and upsize. With another baby on the way, it was crucial we found a new home with the extra rooms we desperately required, but despite painting the walls, putting bulky furniture into storage and keeping the place looking clean and tidy, we couldn’t help but notice that the floors were really dragging the look of the place down.

We began to realise that they were a major cause of our failure to find a buyer!

Looking At Our Options

My husband was reluctant to spend money on new carpets which we would get little to no benefit out of and I agreed.

Having done some research and calculations we discovered that re-carpeting the whole house with an equivalent quality and colour carpet would cost over $5000 – far too much for a home we were hoping to move out of – and we recognised that we would not make that money back. The value of the house was set, and our sales agent confirmed that, though it may sound beneficial to have ‘new carpets throughout’ in the brochure, very few buyers were actually willing to pay thousands of dollars extra for our expenditure, especially as our carpet choice may not be theirs!

So we were stuck. We needed to sell, but just knew that the carpets, which we’d been told to leave in, were the issue! Being pregnant I found it was a really stressful time and I couldn’t seem to see a way out.

A Spot Of Luck

It was at this time that I spotted an advert online for a Scottsdale carpet cleaning company called ‘Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning’ and their offer for cleaning four rooms and the hallway for less than $100!

We researched other Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning companies and found that this was the best offer and we loved that they would come over and give our floors a pre-inspection before we made our decision. They even did carpet repairs which was ideal because we were still worried we may need to change the carpets on the stairs and front hallway where there were tears from high tread.

We were so relieved to find a local Scottsdale carpet cleaning company which would not over charge us and which would offer us a reliable and professional service.

Amazing Results!

The carpets were cleaned with the week and our realtor couldn’t believe the transformation when she next came over. We decided to schedule an open house viewing and within two weeks, we had an offer.

We were so thrilled and are now well on our way to finding our upscaled dream home.