When Starting A New Business We Needed Some Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care Services To Bring The Old Back To Life

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Starting a four-room Bed and Breakfast business on a budget in Arizona was tough, but the Scottsdale carpet cleaning and floor care services from ‘Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning’ brought the whole project in under budget!

The building itself had been used for similar purposes for many years but it had stood empty for a long while before we bought it and gave it a new lease of life.

Starting Afresh

The whole place was in need of some love and attention when we got it, so the first thing we did was hire in some professionals to get to work on cleaning and decorating the neglected rooms.

We left the floors until last in the hope that we could keep the carpets and tiles already in place rather than having to start again and refit them all with brand new ones.  Leaving the ones in situ would naturally mean a huge saving to our now overstretched budget and, aside from the grey dust covering them, they looked in good order.  So once the cleaning and decorating was complete, we crossed our fingers and hoped that a floor care professional could give us advice on whether they were worth saving or not.

Finding An Expert

After doing our research for Scottsdale carpet cleaning and floor care services we found the ‘Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning’ company.  We could see that they covered every area of our flooring requirements including tile repair and cleaning as well as grout repair and carpet cleaning, so we called them in for an assessment and quote.

They were very efficient and friendly and they felt that the tiles and carpets could easily be saved and brought back to life with their Scottsdale carpet cleaning and floor care services, so we went ahead and booked them in – and we were right to do so!

Clean Rooms And A Healthy Budget

The carpets looked like new again after just a few hours of work and this was such a relief.  The difference in cost between having the carpets cleaned and buying brand new ones was huge and it meant that we could go ahead and use their brilliant Scottsdale carpet cleaning and floor care services throughout the whole building.

They cleaned and sealed the grout in every tiled room to give an extra long life as well as deep cleaning the tiles themselves which created a lovely fresh look.  The rooms, with their fresh decoration and revamped carpets and tiles, felt clean, and without all the dust trapped under the carpet fibres and stuck on to the tiles felt healthier too.  And it all came under budget which was absolutely brilliant and meant we could add a few finishing touches to our brand new business!

We now book in their wonderful Scottsdale carpet cleaning and floor care services once every six months to deep clean and repair the main high tread areas, and once a year they clean every room in the building which makes such a positive difference to the place.

Amazing’ Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning Company Saves The Day!

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When it came to selling our home, a Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning company truly came to our rescue and we couldn’t be happier!

Desperate To Sell

We had been looking to sell our house for nearly a year and yet despite hiring a realtor to put it on the market we had failed to get a single potential buyer.

It was getting to the point where we really needed to upgrade and upsize. With another baby on the way, it was crucial we found a new home with the extra rooms we desperately required, but despite painting the walls, putting bulky furniture into storage and keeping the place looking clean and tidy, we couldn’t help but notice that the floors were really dragging the look of the place down.

We began to realise that they were a major cause of our failure to find a buyer!

Looking At Our Options

My husband was reluctant to spend money on new carpets which we would get little to no benefit out of and I agreed.

Having done some research and calculations we discovered that re-carpeting the whole house with an equivalent quality and colour carpet would cost over $5000 – far too much for a home we were hoping to move out of – and we recognised that we would not make that money back. The value of the house was set, and our sales agent confirmed that, though it may sound beneficial to have ‘new carpets throughout’ in the brochure, very few buyers were actually willing to pay thousands of dollars extra for our expenditure, especially as our carpet choice may not be theirs!

So we were stuck. We needed to sell, but just knew that the carpets, which we’d been told to leave in, were the issue! Being pregnant I found it was a really stressful time and I couldn’t seem to see a way out.

A Spot Of Luck

It was at this time that I spotted an advert online for a Scottsdale carpet cleaning company called ‘Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning’ and their offer for cleaning four rooms and the hallway for less than $100!

We researched other Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning companies and found that this was the best offer and we loved that they would come over and give our floors a pre-inspection before we made our decision. They even did carpet repairs which was ideal because we were still worried we may need to change the carpets on the stairs and front hallway where there were tears from high tread.

We were so relieved to find a local Scottsdale carpet cleaning company which would not over charge us and which would offer us a reliable and professional service.

Amazing Results!

The carpets were cleaned with the week and our realtor couldn’t believe the transformation when she next came over. We decided to schedule an open house viewing and within two weeks, we had an offer.

We were so thrilled and are now well on our way to finding our upscaled dream home.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Carpet

To purchase the best carpet for your house, find out about various styles, materials and quality to guarantee toughness and solace for your long haul fulfillment. | Scottsdale Carpet & Tile Cleaning, INC.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Carpet


Selecting the best carpet for your floor may not be so important at first and a bit confusing, especially to first-time homeowners. Be that as it may, in the long run, you’ll discover a considerable measure of elements show over the long haul and you may consider it as a long term investment in your home. Presently, with a specific end goal to “shop smart,” you should consider some critical variables.

Carpet Styles/Piles

The first thing you should consider is the “pile” that refers to the density of fibers or the yarn that complements a carpet. Choosing which kind of Pile it is made is valuable for the design and style you are looking for a carpet. It is always a good idea to check the samples personally to determine if it’s appropriate and convenient enough to satisfy your needs. The height, plush, materials and manner of weaving is the composition of a carpet that will define the right texture of a certain carpet. One of the things to consider is the pile height or thickness which will provide the amount of comfort needed. For example, Carpet will give you luxurious texture while short pile are painless in terms of maintenance.


Choosing a suitable carpet design will ensemble the color pattern of your home as well as your tasteful insight. Carpet colors could be a factor that can adjust the atmosphere of your home and may also define a specific personality. For example, if you want a carpet in your room or office the best option to encourage good vibes and provide you a harmonious frame of mind which greatly affects your productivity you should consider using the light blues or greens. But always remember that some carpet at some point may fade which will surely alter the color scheme of it.


The perfect way to clean carpets is to check the specific set of instruction and maintenance which will be provided to you. Materials and fibers used are the essential stuffs to consider during maintenance. For an easy to go cleaning using your standard vacuum cleaner that serves a considerable amount of suctions and spins will be enough in a once a week cleaning maintenance. Suggestively, it is a good idea to provide a simple but smooth maintenance to prevent any damages on your carpet. A vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have rotating heads are more advisable to carpets that are more sophisticated and luxurious, mostly those that are hand-tufted and hand-woven.


You should also acknowledge carpet padding that serves as a protection from small to medium carpet tension. It provides support system, home insulator, as well as sound absorbent. Selecting a carpet padding will depend on the function. For more heat insulation you may want to consider thicker padding, best way to install in a bedroom. You may also go for carpet padding that provides soundproofing in your recording room. Take note still that carpet padding may cause impairment if punctured.


Some rugs may require professionals like the wall-to-wall rug installation for the reason that is harder to minimize the fuss. Although there are, for example, Area rugs that doesn’t require expertise to install but always observe the applicable carpet padding.


All of these information will clearly give information on selecting a carpet that will suit your aesthetic-wise design pattern for your home. At this moment you are definitely absolutely handy on shopping your carpet wisely.