Carpet cleaning

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Carpet cleaning

The beauty and elegance that a clean carpet brings to your home are invaluable. A clean carpet improves the value and outlook of your home, it also promotes healthy living of your family. A clean carpet should be free of stains, dirt, and allergies. Generally, allergies and dirt are harmful and could constitute respiratory problems for your family.

Your desire is to live a healthy lifestyle devoid of health challenges, but do you know that the carpet in your home can be a clog in the wheel of healthy living of your family?

Amazing carpet & Tie cleaning is an expert in cleaning carpet, we are very skilled and experienced in cleaning carpet, and we have the best and latest equipment to offer outstanding service in carpet cleaning for your home to make it attractive and beautiful so as to promote healthy living in your home. We have at our disposal at a team of experts in carpet cleaning. They have the technical know-how needed to offer excellent service to you. The method we use in cleaning your carpet will not only make it better but will also make your carpet to be very durable.

At Amazing Carpet & Tile Cleaning, we offer carpet cleaning with the use of the following methods;


Hot water extraction

Our team of experts will undertake the process of cleaning your carpet with this method by using the equipment that sprays the heated water, the water used is always treated with chemicals. The equipment allows the water to be vacuumed up. This will make the embedded dirt to be dislodged and dissolved, and then it will be removed through the pressure from the sprayer. The hot water extraction provides a deeper cleaning in the carpet. The secret involved in this is to know the right choice of chemicals and the proper temperature of the hot water that will be used for the cleaning so as not to destroy the carpet. We are well versed in this due to the experience we have acquired over the years in this field. Our equipment is environment-friendly and energy saving in nature.

Dry cleaning

Another method we use in cleaning carpet is dry cleaning. This is different from hot water extraction because it is done with very low moisture system. We are conversant with the techniques involved in this. The carpet will be subjected to pretreatment and pre-conditioners. These are the detergents that will break the different soils binding the carpet. This will be done by dissolving the greasy films binding the soils to the carpet. Then the dirt and stains are removed by brushing. Though it takes a longer time when compared with hot water extraction, we have a mastery of the method to provide you with an excellent service in dry cleaning of your carpet.

Amazing carpet &Tile cleaning is a master in the service of carpet cleaning, we provide the best service you can find anywhere in the world, our services are affordable and will meet your budget provisions. Our delivery is always on time in a unique way that will make your carpet to be durable, attractive, and add value to your home. We are passionate about your elegant and healthy living.

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